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    Roberto Tola

    General Manager, creator and owner of VISIT SARDINIA.

    Roberto Tola is really a very multitask person, with a huge range of skills and competence in music, diving, sailing, golf, horse riding, sport and more, which most of them he manages to a considerable degree.

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    Natalia Vlaskina

    CEO, creator and owner of Visit Sardinia, Natalia Vlaskina boasts 16 years of experience in Tourism.

    Her know how has certainly contributed to the development and success of Visit Sardinia,

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    Sardinia’s Excellences

    There are many curiosities of Sardinia that many still do not know. Our beautiful island is full of surprises and excellences, some of which are real uniqueness in the world.

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    Art of Gold

    The Sardinian “Filigrana”, a delicate gold weaving technique, is among the artisan excellence for which the European Parliament has given the green light to the extension of PGI (Protected Geographical Indication)

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    Sa Carapigna, the ancestor of icecream

    “Sa Carapigna” is an ancient Sardinian ice cream, lemon flavored, from the beginning of 1600. Its preparation techniques have remained unchanged for more than four centuries, maintaining nowadays all the charm of manual processing.

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    Sardinian Music

    Sardinian traditional music, unique and original, is nowadays very lively and varied expression, connected with the scenarios of daily community life and festive.

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    Sassari Emotions

    Sassari, and suddenly passion! For its history, for its monuments, for its green spaces, for its culture, for tradition and for its cuisine that make it a unique destination. Sassari is a beautiful and regal city. It’s one of those places you do not expect,

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    Arcaic Cuisine

    The Sardinian cuisine is one of those very attached to tradition, preserves ancient habits, in some archaic sense. This respect for tradition was determined by several conditions; first of all the love of the islanders for their own culture and their own eating habits, but also the distance from other culinary influences.

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