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Discover Sardinia through traditional sweets according to old recipes, famous dessert wines and  unique honey. The route through the unforgettable flavors of tradition, tasting the sweets and homemade dishes with the best wines of the island.

Relationship with special recipes of the island from the famous to the rarest seadas aligu, from cookies biscotti di Fonni to fruit candy sospiri di Ozieri, from orange to subtle a’aranzada nuorese baskets pastissus di Quartu, from nougat torrone di Tonara di Suni to chocolate and more.


Typical sardinian sweets by ancient receipts


Sardinia is not only the richest region in the world for the kinds of bread, but for the kind of sweets as well. From the famous and typical in all the island papassini to delicious lace pastussus, from softy biscuits savoiadri sardi to all these sweets keep the story, traditions and art of centuries. Famous delicious sardinian candies “sospiri” from Ozieri, that means “sighs”, made with almond paste and covered with icing, will make you sigh from delight!



“Festa del dolce” (feast of sweets) da Vito a Sennori dedicated 2 days to the exposition of the best sardinian producers of the traditional sardinian sweets, honey and sweet wines from different parts of the island.



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