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Speaking of culture, generally, involves many arguments about the art, archeology, music, dance, tradition, cuisine and more; they are all large and complex speeches, which would require time and space.
This becomes even more difficult if we find ourselves to speak and write of the Culture of Sardinia. In fact, the history of this Island, the oldest in Europe, is very complex and ethnically complex. Speaking of culture of this Island presupposes inevitably to talk about several Cultures of Sardinia, not just one. Cultures which divide and multiply in a variety of arts, musics, dances, traditions, cuisines. Indeed, depending on the area or region which we wish to talk about, Sardinia, or Sardinias, always change, km after km, from north to south, from east to west and the center.
This kaleidoscopic and cromatic characteristic of the island is visible and tangible just visiting it.
Traveling far and wide across this land, you would observe that also the nature appears to have adjusted to this anthropological, social and cultural plurality, offering territories, landscapes and views completely different.
This is the reason why Sardinia is often defined as a continent; just because, despite this earth can’t boast the geographical sizes, typical of a real continent, it still contains the features of it: different climates which characterize areas made of plains, plateaus and high mountains, alternating with valleys full of rivers, dry areas and deserts, rugged rocky coasts, fjords, bays and long sandy beaches, forests, swamps and important waterways rich in flora and fauna, often indigenous and unique.

The curiosity of all this, in the end, is that, despite all the differences stated above, Sardinia has managed over time to give a unique image of itself, almost homogeneous. The territories and different cultures have merged together through a process of a anthropological, social, ethnic and cultural osmosis, unique in the Mediterranean, and beyond.
The result is a country united by the same language, Sardinian precisely, by a multietnic and colorful culture, perpetrated under the same flag, for centuries, by the same character and temperament of its indigenous inhabitants, by the same style and quality of life, uses and traditions.

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