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Festivals & Events

In a society like today, hyper, in the era of globalization world, the memory of own origins and of the popular traditions is of primary importance in order to maintain its own identity. Sardinia, a very ancient land, which has its origins in the distant past, is very attached to their traditions, pagan and religious. There is no week or month of the year when there is a party in any part of the island. Sardinia also boasts its own official language, the language more deeply rooted in Latin, among the Romance languages known.

The holidays always mark the life of the island communities and in modern times, especially with the re-evaluation of many smaller festivals are linked to the desire (and the need) to reaffirm its unique cultural identity.

In Sardinia, go to parties is to immerse yourself in an ancient culture to discover sounds and harmonies unknown, rhythmic dances with rich traditional costumes, poetry competitions outside of time, the wild horse races, parades of folklore – on foot or horseback – with precious and colorful clothes of the past.

Often the festivities last for several days and involve the whole community; many times, for the occasion, are prepared special sweets and organized banquets with traditional dishes in which everyone can participate. Local festivals, the best known are:

  • Faradda di Li Candareri (UNESCO in 2013) – August in Sassari;
  • Cavalcata Sarda (Sardinian Cavalcade) in May in Sassari;
  • Sagra di Sant’Efisio – May in in Cagliari ;
  • La Sagra del Redentore (feast of the Redeemer) – August in Nuoro;
  • S’Ardia (reckless party with horses) – July in Sedilo, Pozzomaggiore and Illorai;
  • Sa Sartiglia (amazing horses racings, very acrobatic, arcaic and traditional) – February in Oristano;
  • San Gavino – May in Porto Torres;
  • San Michele – September in Alghero;
  • Festa del Rimedio (Feast of Remedy) – in Ozieri;
  • San Simplicio – May in Olbia;
  • Carnival – February in Tempio, Barbagia and Ogliastra;
  • Lunissanti and Riti della Settimana Santa (Easter Week Celebrations) – during Easter week in Castelsardo, Sassari and other parts on the island;

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