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Interesting Facts

  • In Sardinia there are almost 400 varieties of bread.  Indeed each village town and city in the island boast own kind of bread. A simbol of Sardinian culture, the bread is created in autentic and original forms, made not only for every day use, but also  in particular events, as bank holidays and any kind of celebration: Easter bread, New Year Eve bread, Wedding Bread, Carnival period bread, etcetera.
  • Sardinia is famous also because it is the land of longevity. The mumeous presence of centenarians here, makes the island one of the most important in the world. Here lived the oldest man in the world,  born in 1889 in Tiana, ​​a small village in Sardinia and died in 2002 at the age of 113 years. His name was Antonio Todde, known to all as “Nonnino” (little grandfather) or  “Tziu Antonio” (uncle Antonio) in the Sardinian language. He ridden three different centuries and surviving to the most important historical events. On the follow link you can find an example of some centenarians still living in Sardinia; they are not all obviously.  Link:  Centenaries List
  • In Sardinia there’s onr of the highest cliff in Europe, “Punta Cristallo” (Crystal Point) 300 mts, located along the Coral Riviera coast, near Alghero in the North West of the Island.
  • In Sardinia lives the Albino donkey, a race unique in the world. Actually it is living in a vaste comunity in the Island of Asinara, National Park from 1992 in the North West of the Island.
  • Sardinia is the cradle of Nuragic Civilization, that lived in the island from 2000 B.C up to the 2nd century A.C. The main signs left by this misterious civilization are the biggest megalithic structuresnamed Nuraghe, present in Mediterranean Sea only in Sardinia. There are more than 7000 thousand Nuraghe throughout the island, and other maybe 7000 more ones which are waiting to be digged to discover their sectrets. All Nuraghe are an intangible heritage by UNESCO.
  • In Sardinia exists the longer canyon in Europe names “Gola di Gorroppu” located in the Center east side of the island, between Orgosolo and Supramonte. The canyon is rather narrow and its walls reach up to 200 meters in height. The canyon is crossed by the river Flumineddu, which create many small lakes and waterfalls, creating charming and breathless panoramas.
  • Sardinia is a leader in beer consumption. Sardinians drink about 60 liters per person per year, more than in other parts of Italy and Europe, and shares this leadership with Ireland
  • Zerfaliu, a small village in the center of the island, boasts the longer cherry pie in the world, about 120 meters. This great and brilliant work has been presented few years ago during the Cherry Festival which take place every year in the small town of Bonarcado, in front of thousands of astonished spectators.
  • Grotte di Nereo (Nereo Grottos) are the largest underwater caves in the Mediterranean Sea and throughout Europe. This is a very popular place specially for divers. The main entrance is indeed located at 37 meters deep under the water. Covered by corals and full of different fishes and lobsters this grotto can be visited only by diving with a professional guide, as these caves are full of mazes.
  • Sea on the Mountain?
    It often happens that during a visit to the mountains or hill in Sardinia,  you can discover ancient fossilized seashells, plants or fish remains stuck in the rocks or ground . It’s pretty strange for many tourists coming to Sardinia. Sardinia is an ancient land, one of the oldest on the planet. Millions of years ago, the island was under water and this is the reason why the presence of so many marine fossils.
  • Maybe Sardinia was Atlantis?
    The study of the island of Atlantis were used in the dialogues of PLATO and TIMAEUS CRITIAS. In these two books, Plato described in detail the geographical location, historical and cultural aspects. It is well known that Plato wrote it in 1000 after it ceased to exist civilization of Atlantis. This means that Plato could not know exactly the position of the island of Atlantis.
    “My opinion is that Atlantis was a powerful nation, located on the island of Sardinia, in the western part of the Mediterranean Sea (Sea of ​​Sardinia). Powerful state was especially developed in the early period of the Bronze Age, around 2000 -1400 BC’s “- the data supports research AG Galanopoulos devoted to Plato’s theory of Atlantis
    The theory has received major support in recent years, as UNESCO organized a symposium in Paris, dedicated to the serious discussion of the theory.  Academics, archaeologists, geologists and historians from across Italy gathered in the Accademia dei Lincei in Rome, where we consider the theory of the existence of the island and more deeply involved in further research.
  • Island of VIP and Elite-
    The Coast of Sardinia is perhaps the most picturesque in Europe. Sardinia is known throughout the world for its unique beauty and nature, thousands of stunning bays and crystal clear water with an incredible play of colors, from green to turquoise and blue. Maybe this explains the fact that many important people and the world’s elite choose to spend their holidays on the island, specially in the north, in the area of  Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast). The main centers of Porto Cervo, Poltu Quatu, Liscia di Vacca, Porto Rotondo, Baja Sardinia offer  the opportunity to make luxury shoppings in the boutiques of Armani, Valentino, Cavalli, Ferrè, Prada and many others. It is the center of the resorts eventful life of the elite. Walking in their opitoresque villages, is not impossible to meet famous people as Bruce Willis, Naomi Campbell, Sean Connery, Di Caprio, Michael Douglas and many well-known politicians and richest businessmen, as Berlusconi, and the richest people in the world…

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