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When we think of a beach of dream, we just imagine a heavenly place with fine white sand, a blue and transparent sea, and unspoiled nature bathed in sunshine. Immediately we think of the exotic seas, the Caribbean, the beautiful islands of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.
But not everyone knows that all this exists also in Sardinia which, combined with its ancient culture, makes this island a unique holiday destination, in the heart of Mediterranean Sea.

Even without ever having visited these places, it is likely to imagine a Sardinian beach as perfection. It is not mistaken. The beaches of Sardinia are real gems of nature.

Are you thinking of visiting Sardinia?

then choose the well known beaches of the North East of Sardinia, if you are also looking for the luxury and exclusive services. This is in fact the territory of the Emerald Coast, a place famous and frequented by VIPs and the international jet set. Here, the Olbia airport, is the natural door to get in the northeast of the island.

If you are looking nice beaches, but also culture, medieval towns, small and picturesque fishing villages, a place rich in castles and history, then, there is no doubt that Your target must be the northwest of the island. This area boasts towns such as Sassari, Alghero, Castelsardo and Bosa, that will not disappoint you for their vivacity, under any point of view, from the culture to history, from archaeology to the gastronomy. The airport of Alghero (Sassari), is the main and closest in the North West of the island.

If  the holiday you wish has to be especially characterized by the beach and you not cure too much to find yourself next to a village or a city that will allow you easy walks on your own, go for shopping, if not traveling by car for at least 50 km, then your choice is the center and the south of the island. Here the only way to arrive is through the Elmas Aiport (Cagliari).

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