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History and Archeology

A travel throught the Sardinian Archeology means to turn the time back, and travel in the millenary history of the island, through a territory of incompatable beauty, the cradle of thousands monuments scattered thoughout the island, evidence of its glorious past: specially Domus de Janas, Dolmen, Menhir, Nuraghe, Tombe dei Giganti (Giants’ Graves), Pozzi Sacri (Sacred Wells) and the Giganti di Mont’e Prama (Stoned Giants), covering a period of time the starts from the prehistory up to the 12th century AD.

Archeology Pozzo Sacro, Sacred Well, Nuragic 3 Archeology Dolmen, Nuragic 1bis Archeology Menhir, Nuragic 2 nuraghe 2 Archeology Tomba dei Gicanti, Nuragic 1 Archeology Pozzo Sacro, Sacred Well, Nuragic Archeology Gigante Mot'e Pramae, Nuragic 1


Nuraghe di OrrolinuragheAmong all cultures and civilizations that have alternated in Sardinia in the past, one in particular has left, more than any other, deep signs of its passage: the Nuragic Civilization.

This mysterious and unique civilization, lived on the island, and only here in Sardinia, from 1800 BC to 12th century AD. 2000 years of misterous, original and unique history. The main tracks and sign left by the Nuragic people are surely the Nuraghe, complex megalitic building, scatterd all around the island. There about 7000 Nuraghe is Sardinia, and is calculated than other 7000 or 8000 are waiting to be digged.



Archeology Dea Madre, Nuragic 1Archeology Bronzetti, Nuragic 2In addition to the numerous Nuraghe, another important evidence of the glorious past of Sardinia are the many artifacts dated in the prenuragic and nuragic ages, especially the small statues of the Mother Goddess (from 6th to 3th Millenium BC), Bronzetti (2th millenium BC), Giganti di Mont’e Prama (1800 BC), well as many tools and equipments witnessing the many activities that the Sardinian people operated in very ancient time, as agriculture, livestock, hunting and war.


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