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Thalasso and Spa

In Sardinia there are many opportunities to have a Wellness holiday, but it is necessary to know where and the right places to choice, depending by the Clients needs and aspectations. To help you in choice, we have selected a good range of hotels with prestigious Wellness Centres, all overlooking the most renowned crystal-clear sea in the world and immersed in the enchanting island environment.

thalasso_spa_incantu_sardegnaThe centres are indeed always surrounded by gardens that enfold them in the colours and scents of the most beautiful corners of Sardinia; designed to generate wellbeing and pleasure, as they let Nature penetrate into the very heart of the treatments: this is what makes them so unique.

Many of our hotels offer special and personalized programs: massages, cosmetics, baths, wraps, masks and many other treatments; sometimes combined with specific diets. Some of treatments are enriched with essential oils from the aromatic herbs of Sardinia, as myrtle and helichrysum, which help to infuse our bodies with zest and vigour.

Beyond the Welness & SPA center, including saunas, turkish baths, emotional showers, jacuzzi, float baths, kneipp and more, in Sardinia is also possible to have the Thalassotherapy, made using only the sea water. The properties of seawater are believed to have beneficial effects for the body. To facilitate the absorption of these elements through the pores of the skin, the seawater used for Thalassotherapy, is heated up to 30 – 35 ° C.

marinedda-thalasso2The Thalassotherapy is indicated for the treatment of diseases such as: dermatitis, tuberculosis, bones pain and for post-traumatic rehabilitation. Sometimes this therapy is combined with specific diets, provided attentively by specilized personnel and medics.


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